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Thursday: I mested up the dates for the library. :/ Damn. Sorry.
Friday: I stayed home and hung out with mom. We made a lot of chocolate for the craft fair. It was actually a lot of fun. We put on the radio and I had chocolate all over me from about six to ten pm. Afterwards we watched the movie Connie and Carla??! It was pretty good.
Saturday: At twelve I picked up Ash and We went to the High School for the Craft Fair. I've never been to one. There were a lot of tables everwhere. I bought some really cool stuff, but most of it came from my own table. Hah. This guy had a table set up of his Photography in fames. He takes really beautiful pictures. I can't wait to have my own table and have my own business cards just like him! Came back home at four. Chilled. Went and saw Godspell with Ashnack. It was really really good. MARK IS AMAZING. He has a really good voice. I got him a flower. Dayum. Jake was playing guitar. He's good. It's not like he said hello to me or anything though. How nice. Slept over Ashlee's. She attacked me with the chins at about one thirty am. haha.

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