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This week sucked...

Well my parents figured out I got a 65 in gym. Yeah I know. I just didn't feel like getting changed. I didn't think it was going to kill me either. So needless to say I ruin my own life! I couldn't go to see TBS tonight. If something awesome happens, don't tell me too much, because i might just slice it right off. I went to the library last night. <3 I miss hangin' wit Jerri and Godek, man. Emilyn came. And that girl Sam and her mom. It makes me feel bad when nobody shows up. I checked out The Perks of Being a Wallflower for the next book discussion. EVERYONE GO TO IT. IF YOU READ IT COME, IF YOU DIDN'T YET GO CHECK ONE OUT!? This one needs to be huge!? What happened when I got like a million of ya to come?? COME!? I'm so pumped to read it. It better be good, or I'm going to punch somebody in the face. I finished a step from Hevean today. It was pretty good. I'm reading Shattering Glass right now. It's pretty good. But its taking me so long to finish! We finished Enough in health. I liked it. It wasn't very real though. I'd probably crawl up and die if I was in that situation. Damn. I lost my shoe in the middle of the hallway when i was trying to catch up to Matt, Kristen and Carrie. I was embarrassed, and they just laughed at me!? I'm freaking out in intro! I have ten note cards done out of forty that were due monday. WTF! I can't handle this! I can't handle anything! Today I came home and made food for Tomorrow. It was fun, I'm such a good cook. I made my own version of sweet potato pie, minus the crust. Brownies, a layer cake, roasted nuts, and Cranberry sauce. Dayum. Tomorrow I get to make stuffing. I'm excited for Thanksgiving. This holiday makes me all warm and fuzzy. I'm going to watch the Parade on TV like a worthless lump. I can't even wait. I wish my Grandparents were here. But instead they are enjoying a nice, loud, busy holiday in Georgia. I wish they all came up here. I miss them all. It was so awesome when my aunt, uncle and cousin were here... Christ.... Bring on the Tryptophan...

I just have to...

I am Thankful for:

01. My family
02. My amazing friends.
03. The amazing new people I have met this year.
04. Good Books.
05. The periodic Table
06. Having awesome teachers.
07. My camera.
08. The awesome new boy I met.
09. One Tree Hill.
10. Beauty.
11. My great ability to cook.
12. The rest of my grades. (Nothing below 87)
13. My warm, comfortable bed.
14. Having a home.
15. Learning somthing new everyday.
16. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
17. Having awesome Thanksgiving food to eat.
18. Degrassi.
19. Being awesome.
20. Jerri.
21. Godek.
22. Ashlee. That nack is there for me. And She the only one who i can go completly insane with without thinking Im disgusting.
23. For the green grass.
24. For the Blue sky.
25. That i haven't been abducted by an alien.
26. That i'm not a cutter and I (at least i don't think...) Don't make anyone puke all over.
27. That i'm not a turkey.
28. For the person I've become.
29. That i don't look like garbage anymore.
30. That I've become less shy.
31. That I'm growing into my own person.
32. For my crazy dog.
33. Harry Potter.
34. Green day.
35. For being quite healthy.

Damn. I must be a horrible person if I can only come up with that ^^....

What are ya gunna do?

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